The inverter technology (or DC inverter) is the newest technological evolution with regard to the electric motor of compressors. An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so that the temperature is continuously controlled. The DC converters have a variable frequency drive that includes an adjustable electric converter to control the speed of the electric motor, which means the compressor and the cooling / heating output. The inverter converts the incoming alternating current into direct current and then produces the current with the desired frequency via a modulation in an electric inverter. A microcontroller can measure any ambient temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor.

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The inverter technology eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling the engine speed. In AC inverters, the temperature is adjusted by changing the motor speed without switching the motor on and off. The engine speed in non-inverter ACs remains constant and the temperature is adjusted by turning the engine on and off, which consumes more energy.

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Each air conditioner is designed for a maximum peak load – for example, an AC of 1.5 tons is designed for a certain room size, an AC of 1 ton for a different size, and so on. But not all rooms are the same size. A normal air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 tons always works at peak power when the compressor is running. On the other hand, an air conditioner with inverter technology will work continuously, but will only use as much power as is needed to keep the temperature stable at the desired level. It automatically adjusts its capacity based on the needs of the room in which it is cooling, which means it uses much less power and uses fewer units of electricity.



There is no AC window with inverter technology.



Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has set a new star score standard for ACs with inverter technology. Most AC models of the inverter have a rating range of 3, 4 and 5 stars from BEE. The star ratings for energy labeling became mandatory for AC inverters in January 2018


10 tips to have the most energy efficient AC to lower your electricity bill

Electricity bills in the summer shot up due to the use of ACs or air conditioners. However, you can control this by implementing some best practices. The following tips will help you to have the most energy efficient ACs that in turn reduce electricity bills.

  • Do not install AC units on walls that are exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day during the summers. Read principles of AC installation. (Link to the article)
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning by as much as 40 percent by shielding your house like windows and walls. Plant trees to keep the hottest sun out of your house.
  • Try switching off your AC at night and use the “sleep mode” that lowers the output of a timer.
  • Keep a reasonable temperature: 3 to 5 percent less energy is used for every air conditioner that is set above 25 degrees C to offer the most comfort at the lowest cost. If you keep ACs on (24-26 degrees C), you can save electricity.

On a hot day – say 43 degrees – you can be tempted to bring the air conditioner far down to 20 degrees C to get the room cool as quickly as possible. But if you can keep the temperature at 25 ° C, you not only save wear on the AC motor, but you also save a lot on your energy bill. Each degree cooler, or warmer in the winter, can add around 10 percent to operating costs. The same principle applies in the winter. If it is 10 degrees C outside, try setting the inside temperature to 18 degrees C instead of 25 degrees C. It also depends on the outside temperature. In general, you get a better efficiency by aiming for a maximum temperature difference of around 8 degrees C. So, on a day of 35 degrees C, set your indoor thermostat to 27 degrees C. Realistically, most people will still go for a cooler temperature. You can probably aim for a larger differential if your house is very thermally efficient (well insulated, double glazed, etc.).

  • With the help of ceiling fans you can set the temperature higher because the air movement will cool the room.
  • Clean the air conditioner filter every month. Clean filters ensure that the device can cool quickly and uses less energy.
  • Have your air conditioning checked if the Freon gas level is incorrect, you waste a lot of energy and your house will never be as cool as you want.
  • The openings around the windows and doors lead to energy loss.

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