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Is it more efficient to leave your ac on?

Cooling your apartment can be a particularly complicated task.

It can also be an alarming cost if you don’t take the time to look at the more efficient and effective ways to keep your apartment as cool as possible on those warmer days.
Wasting energy not only costs you and your household more money, but also uses more fossil fuels and energy sources.
Installing an air conditioner in your home has never been easier – and once you’ve experienced it, we can guarantee you’ll never look back.

Is it more efficient to leave your ac on?

If you are lucky enough to have Best DC Inverter AC 2019 in your apartment, then it is something that can be a complete game changer in your house to take advantage of this and use it to the best of your ability.
Coming home in a stifling apartment after a long day at work, no-one can imagine a good time – especially in Pakistan, where the heat can be particularly sticky and damp and the surface is boiling hot.
Ask yourself a few questions about using your air conditioner, including.

What is the most efficient way to cool my house?

Do I have to blow out the air when the heat gets a bit too high, or is it more efficient to leave AC on?
Will this cost me a fortune?
These are all important questions that can be answered easily enough if you take the time to read on.
At the end of the day you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the name of keeping costs down, and effective use of the system that you have in your apartment will ensure that you can be both comfortable and running costs can keep it as low as possible.

Low and slow? Why is this the most efficient option for me?

If the temperature of your apartment rises and becomes uncomfortable, we recommend that your air conditioning system works “low and slow”.
By this we mean that the air conditioning system must continue to operate consistently at the same temperature, for example 24-27c, making the actual temperature of the room, walls, bedding, pillows, etc. Comfortable – as opposed to trying the temperature and humidity quickly.
The temperature of the cool air-conditioned air coming out of the unit is exactly the same regardless of the temperature you set the thermostat. For example, if the outside temperature for the day is predicted as 30c, set the thermostat to 5c less, that is, 25c.
It will still feel very nice when you get home. You can then lower the temperature by 1-2c at a time until you have the desired conditions
Think about it when you get into your car on a hot, humid day. Once you start driving with the AC on, it will feel comfortable for you very quickly.
In fact, the AC just throws cool dehumidified air over a hot surface, including you! Stop in a store for 5 minutes and when you return to your car, the weather will be uncomfortable. Your house is much more energy efficient than all the heat-generating glass and metal, so ‘low and slow’ is the way.
Your apartment – the foundations, walls of the building and everything in it – takes a long time to cool down to a temperature that will make you feel comfortable.
Simply blasting the air conditioning at the lowest possible temperature as soon as you get home will not effectively lower the temperature of these foundations – the air itself will feel cool, but the building will remain moist and as soon as you switch it off, it will quickly become as hot and humid as it was before you put it on.
It is not a wise investment of your money if you think about it that way. If you ensure that you use the system effectively, your life will undoubtedly become much more comfortable and those warm days all the more enjoyable.

Your environment is monitored and collected – exactly the way you want it.

The use of the “low and slow” method, on the other hand, dehumidifies the structure of the building – in contrast to only the air in the room in which the air conditioning system is located.
Choose an optimum temperature that will make you feel most comfortable and set your air conditioner to a low setting.
This allows the air, as well as the surrounding walls and furniture, to gradually gradually drop in temperature and work with maximum efficiency.
Your air conditioner does not have to work that hard and you will experience the benefit of slow, consistent air. Finally, the race wins slowly and steadily.
Tasks that were previously difficult to perform due to the heat of your apartment now appear effortlessly – with sleep being one of the most difficult tasks in a sticky and humid environment.
By giving your air conditioner a little tender loving care and ensuring that it works both efficiently and effectively, you will lose your inconvenience and improve the air quality in your living space.

Is it more efficient to leave Ac on? How cool can you help:

Here at Cool You we can help you find the perfect air conditioning solution, specialized in fully internal solutions for apartments and houses.
Our expert staff, rich in experience in the field, are available to install our unique solutions in your apartment afterwards.
We deliver the same quality and performance as conventional air-conditioning systems with just one turn: our condenser is mounted internally … no planning requirements and restrictions required.
Our installations can generally be performed on the same day, which means that your daily life is absolutely not disrupted and you can enjoy a cool, relaxed environment as quickly as possible.
With the quality of our assembly, our incredible aftercare service and the cool and comfortable temperature that comes up from your apartment, you can be sure that you will be more than satisfied with your lifelong investment.
If this all sounds like something you want to join, contact a member of the Cool You team today for more information or a no-obligation survey.
If you have questions about our installation process, about efficiently cooling your house or something else, our expert staff can provide you with an answer.
Having an air-conditioning solution will change your life – in more ways than you can imagine – and it has never been easier to join hundreds of peoples.

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Buying guide for air conditioners

The Pakistani market is flooded with different brands of air conditioners (ACs), with their different aggressively priced models that can be distinguished primarily in terms of aesthetics, design, appearance, color, size, etc. According to our study, there are more than 2,000 models of air conditioners of different brands and capacities on the market (there are around 700 models only in the split AC category of 1.5 tons capacity). Who would say that buying an AC is as easy as any other!
Let’s start by understanding the different types of ACs that are available in Pakistan


Split AC: Split air conditioners consist of two parts – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that work together to cool the room. Split ACs are usually faster in cooling, more energy efficient and quieter than window AC.
Window AC: Window AC is the simplest form of an air conditioning system and is mounted on windows or walls. The evaporator side is opposite the room for cooling the room and the condenser side outside for heat insulation.
Inverter Type AC: Inverter AC can vary the compressor speed. The compressor (mounted in the outdoor unit) does not have to switch on and off continuously, but instead accelerates only as required. By not stopping and starting several times a day, there is less stress on the compressor and less electricity is used, so that inverter models are generally more efficient and have fewer costs to run.



This is the basic question that you must answer before looking for a new AC for your household. A window AC, a split AC or an inverter type AC (variable speeds) what is required? Although window AC units are cheaper and easy to install, split AC units are quieter, aesthetically pleasing and offer better air distribution. Usually split ACs are also faster when cooling, more energy efficient and quieter than window ACs. Worldwide, window ACs have almost gone out of production, but in India they are still a good alternative for consumers.
In an AC inverter, the compressor (mounted in the outdoor unit) is driven by a variable speed drive or “inverter” that allows the compressor to operate at a range of speeds from slow to fast, to meet the required output. An inverter unit gradually increases its capacity based on the capacity required in the room to cool or heat up the room. This means that the compressor does not have to switch on and off continuously, but instead only goes faster or faster when needed. Because you do not have to stop and start several times a day, there is less stress on the compressor and less electricity is used. That is why inverter models are generally more efficient and cost less. They can maintain a set temperature within a narrow range. Most of the split systems on the market today are inverter models.
Most conventional compressors run at a constant speed and these types of units vary their capacity by switching on and off at different intervals. If you switch on this type of unit, it will start running at full load. This can cause more wear to the compressor and uses more power to start up each time. These models are not as efficient to use as the inverter models, but can be cheaper to buy.click here to know 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price in Pakistan.


Do not buy the high season if you can; that will be summer in most parts of India, but it can also be mid-winter if you are in a colder region. If possible, look around before the peak season starts, so that your new unit is installed and ready for when you need it most. Alternatively, it may be worth buying just after the end of the season. Old stock can go on sale because retailers make room for new models. Although the latest models may be a bit more efficient or have new functions, a recently replaced model is for a bargain price
can be a good choice.



The idea is to choose an air conditioner that meets your need for maximum energy savings through the highest energy efficiency ratio, the best cooling performance and extensive after-sales service.
Capacity: the capacity of the air conditioner should be considered depending on the floor size of the room for which AC is required. A rough measure is that an area in the range of 120 – 140 square meters requires an AC with a capacity of 1 ton; for 150-180 square feet it will be 1.5 tons; and for 180-240 square feet it will be 2 tons.
Energy efficiency: air conditioners are supplied with star ratings for energy efficiency, implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Each unit with more stars uses less electricity than a unit with a lower star rating. If the normal use of your alternating current is more than four hours a day, choose a higher star (4-5) alternating current, although a three-star alternating current can also serve your purpose. In general, three-star ACs are more popular, because energy saving in the mid-segment provides consumers with a large price advantage compared to a five-star AC. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has introduced a new star rating method called Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) for air conditioners. This methodology takes into account variance at higher temperatures in India and assesses air conditioners accordingly. Consumers can now buy air conditioners with higher efficiency, which leads to lower electricity bills. Read more about ISEER Rating
Copper versus aluminum rolls: AC networks are now supplied with aluminum rolls (condenser rolls) where the costs are slightly lower but offer less lifespan / durability. It makes sense not to compromise on costs – always stand on copper coil ACs. They have a much longer lifespan and fewer leakage complaints.
Installation and Cartage: keep in mind when placing your order that any installation costs are usually included in the unit costs. Also insist on free home delivery when placing the order.

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What is inverter technology in air conditioners? And how to save electricity?

The inverter technology (or DC inverter) is the newest technological evolution with regard to the electric motor of compressors. An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, so that the temperature is continuously controlled. The DC converters have a variable frequency drive that includes an adjustable electric converter to control the speed of the electric motor, which means the compressor and the cooling / heating output. The inverter converts the incoming alternating current into direct current and then produces the current with the desired frequency via a modulation in an electric inverter. A microcontroller can measure any ambient temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor.

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The inverter technology eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling the engine speed. In AC inverters, the temperature is adjusted by changing the motor speed without switching the motor on and off. The engine speed in non-inverter ACs remains constant and the temperature is adjusted by turning the engine on and off, which consumes more energy.

Vote for consumers compared the energy efficiency of 20 AC models to know the best AC inverter.



Each air conditioner is designed for a maximum peak load – for example, an AC of 1.5 tons is designed for a certain room size, an AC of 1 ton for a different size, and so on. But not all rooms are the same size. A normal air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 tons always works at peak power when the compressor is running. On the other hand, an air conditioner with inverter technology will work continuously, but will only use as much power as is needed to keep the temperature stable at the desired level. It automatically adjusts its capacity based on the needs of the room in which it is cooling, which means it uses much less power and uses fewer units of electricity.



There is no AC window with inverter technology.



Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has set a new star score standard for ACs with inverter technology. Most AC models of the inverter have a rating range of 3, 4 and 5 stars from BEE. The star ratings for energy labeling became mandatory for AC inverters in January 2018


10 tips to have the most energy efficient AC to lower your electricity bill

Electricity bills in the summer shot up due to the use of ACs or air conditioners. However, you can control this by implementing some best practices. The following tips will help you to have the most energy efficient ACs that in turn reduce electricity bills.

  • Do not install AC units on walls that are exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day during the summers. Read principles of AC installation. (Link to the article)
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioning by as much as 40 percent by shielding your house like windows and walls. Plant trees to keep the hottest sun out of your house.
  • Try switching off your AC at night and use the “sleep mode” that lowers the output of a timer.
  • Keep a reasonable temperature: 3 to 5 percent less energy is used for every air conditioner that is set above 25 degrees C to offer the most comfort at the lowest cost. If you keep ACs on (24-26 degrees C), you can save electricity.

On a hot day – say 43 degrees – you can be tempted to bring the air conditioner far down to 20 degrees C to get the room cool as quickly as possible. But if you can keep the temperature at 25 ° C, you not only save wear on the AC motor, but you also save a lot on your energy bill. Each degree cooler, or warmer in the winter, can add around 10 percent to operating costs. The same principle applies in the winter. If it is 10 degrees C outside, try setting the inside temperature to 18 degrees C instead of 25 degrees C. It also depends on the outside temperature. In general, you get a better efficiency by aiming for a maximum temperature difference of around 8 degrees C. So, on a day of 35 degrees C, set your indoor thermostat to 27 degrees C. Realistically, most people will still go for a cooler temperature. You can probably aim for a larger differential if your house is very thermally efficient (well insulated, double glazed, etc.).

  • With the help of ceiling fans you can set the temperature higher because the air movement will cool the room.
  • Clean the air conditioner filter every month. Clean filters ensure that the device can cool quickly and uses less energy.
  • Have your air conditioning checked if the Freon gas level is incorrect, you waste a lot of energy and your house will never be as cool as you want.
  • The openings around the windows and doors lead to energy loss.

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Best Air Conditioner Care Tips

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance helps prepare your air conditioner for the next cooling season by protecting it from winter elements, such as moisture damage, corrosion, debris and nests, etc.

Although winters in Pakistan are generally short-lived, harsh conditions such as freezing rain, smog, snow, and negative temperatures can change your air conditioner performance.

By investing your time now, you’ll be able to avoid a number of minor and major repairs in the upcoming operating season, while extending the life of your device.

To ensure optimal summer performance, consider the following tips as part of your overall strategy.

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6 amazing air conditioner maintenance tips for winters

1) Clean the condenser

Start by turning off the power and vacuuming debris from the outer fins with a soft brush. With light pressure, straighten the folded fins. Then, remove dirt from the inside with a vacuum cleaner and use a soft, damp cloth for hard-to-remove stains. Now, reassemble the complete outdoor unit.

2) Listen to how it rolls

Turn it on to listen to the compressor. Look for unusual noises, such as squeaks, buzzing, or shocks, which may indicate that you need to call a service technician.

3) Change filter

Always use a controlled air filter. A clean air filter will help protect system components, improving indoor air quality when used in summer.

4) Chop Chop- Clean the area

Remove grass, bird droppings and leaves, twigs, debris and other objects available near the outdoor unit, leaving a space of three feet on each side.

5) Cover it

Cover the indoor unit and indoor unit to prevent dust, diapers and moisture from entering.

6) Perform a periodic inspection

It is always recommended to carry out periodic inspections to ensure maximum performance of the cooling device.

We recommend that you perform all of the above activities as soon as possible to ensure the safety and longevity of your cooling device.

If you’re done preparing for the winter, lie back, relax and start thinking about what you’re going to do with the extra money you’ve saved for repair and maintenance. maintenance of atmospheric conditions.

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DC Inverter AC in Lahore

General DC invertor AC are the best invertor in Lahore.It is the most hot selling product of General Company.It is American product which provides you the fine quality of DC invertor in Lahore.General Company provides you both 1.0 Ton 12000BTU and 1.5 Ton 18000BTU DC invertor Ac in Lahore. The elegant design of General DC invertor is aimed at improving the overall appearance of your home and the environment seems cool and more beautiful.General DC invertor are the most Reliable air Conditioner of high quality without compromising your Budget.Gold Star Series of General DC invertor is equipped with the modern technology which provides you the best envoirment of you desire.You don,t have to use stabilizers for the safety of your General DC invertor.It is equipped with built in stabilizer which save upti 70% on your electricity bill.

Feature keys

  • Inverter technology- saves 70% energy
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  • Long (50FEET) & Wide(3D)Airflow
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper Tubes

DC inverter Ac price in Pakistan

• If you are wondering to buy Best DC inverter Ac at cheapest price, you don,t need to worry.General compant providing you the best American technology based DC inverter at your door step.Buy Best DC invertor of your choice at most ecnonomical prices. 1.0 Ton 12000BTU and 1.5 Ton 18000BTU . General Dc invertor American product equipped with the latest technology, that keeps the tempereature of you room cool, So you don,t have to depend on stebilizer as it is equipped with built in stebilizer which helps in the safety of your unit and saves upto 70% electricity bills. It can maintain the desired temperature without frequently shutting off and on, so it consumes less energy. The Digital Inverter helps you to stay comfortable for long periods of time, while using the minimum amount of energy .General Dc invertor are designed in such a way that it improves the performance long (50feet)and wide (3d)air flow,it provides significantly greater efficiency,performs at 50°C and Outer Unit comes with anti-rust protection and golden condenser fins.It is the best opportunity to buy best DC inverter Ac.


Feature keys:

  • Inverter technology- saves 70% energy
  • 2) Low Voltage Operation (No Need for a Stabilizer)
  • Longer Life of Compressor
  • Budget Friendly For Purchase
  • Gold Fin Eveporator
  • Gold Fin Condensor
  • Long (50FEET) & Wide(3D)Airflow
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper Tubes

General AC Price

General Company is the best Company which provides the fine quality of split AC and DC inverters. It is the best economical price of general DC invertor. It provides fine quality of DC inverter. There is wide range of companies which provides you different types of air conditioners at much higher prices, But General company providing you best quality american product at low price with in you budget at your door step. General DC inverter is equipped with world’s first digital inverter 8-pole technology which helps the system to be more energy efficient and reach the desired room temperature at a much faster pace compared to a conventional inverter.it the best inverter ac in Pakistan, most energy efficient and have the lowest complaint ratios


The elegant design of General DC invertor is aimed at improving the overall appearance of your home and the environment seems cool and more beautiful.

Feature keys:

  • Inverter technology- saves 70% energy
  • 2) Low Voltage Operation (No Need for a Stabilizer)
  • Longer Life of Compressor
  • Budget Friendly For Purchase
  • Gold Fin Eveporator
  • Gold Fin Condensor
  • Long (50FEET) & Wide(3D)Airflow
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper Tubes

1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price in Pakistan

There are various companies in the market which are providing you wide range of DC invertors.But Genreal DC invertor is the most cheaper invertor with fine quality. It is a american based product equipped with latest technology and built in features which provides you best output. The best thing about General DC Inverter AC is that they can start and keep running on low voltage.It produces more quiet sound As the compressor motor of the inverter air conditioner does not turn on and off all the time, but keeps working at low power, the operation is more quite. The technology of the inverters not only makes cooling and heating more efficient, but it also makes the AC’s life longer. Last but not least, the inverter AC is able to cool or heat your room faster than the non-inverter. This is due to the fact that in the beginning of the process, the inverter uses more power than the non-inverter and diminish the power when it gets close to the desired temperature.

General DC inverter company providing you best comfort level with fully latest American based product.There are some feature keys listed below.

Feature keys:

  • Inverter technology- saves 70% energy Low Voltage Operation (No Need for a Stabilizer)
  • Longer Life of Compressor
  • Budget Friendly For Purchase
  • Gold Fin Eveporator
  • Gold Fin Condensor
  • Long (50FEET) & Wide(3D)Airflow
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper Tubes

Best Split and Inverter AC Prices in Pakistan

We provide best prices of split and DC inverter in pakistan.The Most fine American product at its best economical price in Pakistan.It contains 100% copper tubes.General DC invertor units are deign in such a way that they save upto 70% electricity as compared to other regular air conditioner. General DC inverter is based on  American technology which saves your thousands of rupes at the expense of additional electricity units. This extremely reliable air-conditioning solution is a perfect option to Beat the Heat, rather then finding a another local inverter.It is the best split and DC invertor at its,s best price without compromising your budget.


There are some Feature keys of General DC inverter,which helps you in the selection of General split and Dc inverter at  cheapest price.

Feature keys: 

  • Inverter technology- saves 70% energy
  • 2) Low Voltage Operation (No Need for a Stabilizer)
  • Longer Life of Compressor
  • Budget Friendly For Purchase
  • Gold Fin Eveporator
  • Gold Fin Condensor
  • Long (50FEET) & Wide(3D)Airflow
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • 10 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper Tubes