Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance helps prepare your air conditioner for the next cooling season by protecting it from winter elements, such as moisture damage, corrosion, debris and nests, etc.

Although winters in Pakistan are generally short-lived, harsh conditions such as freezing rain, smog, snow, and negative temperatures can change your air conditioner performance.

By investing your time now, you’ll be able to avoid a number of minor and major repairs in the upcoming operating season, while extending the life of your device.

To ensure optimal summer performance, consider the following tips as part of your overall strategy.

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6 amazing air conditioner maintenance tips for winters

1) Clean the condenser

Start by turning off the power and vacuuming debris from the outer fins with a soft brush. With light pressure, straighten the folded fins. Then, remove dirt from the inside with a vacuum cleaner and use a soft, damp cloth for hard-to-remove stains. Now, reassemble the complete outdoor unit.

2) Listen to how it rolls

Turn it on to listen to the compressor. Look for unusual noises, such as squeaks, buzzing, or shocks, which may indicate that you need to call a service technician.

3) Change filter

Always use a controlled air filter. A clean air filter will help protect system components, improving indoor air quality when used in summer.

4) Chop Chop- Clean the area

Remove grass, bird droppings and leaves, twigs, debris and other objects available near the outdoor unit, leaving a space of three feet on each side.

5) Cover it

Cover the indoor unit and indoor unit to prevent dust, diapers and moisture from entering.

6) Perform a periodic inspection

It is always recommended to carry out periodic inspections to ensure maximum performance of the cooling device.

We recommend that you perform all of the above activities as soon as possible to ensure the safety and longevity of your cooling device.

If you’re done preparing for the winter, lie back, relax and start thinking about what you’re going to do with the extra money you’ve saved for repair and maintenance. maintenance of atmospheric conditions.

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